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Postpartum - Portable Bidet

Postpartum - Portable Bidet

Our portable bidet is perfect for our new moms who just gave birth!
It is a super soft way to wash the vaginal area without irritating it.

  • Reduces risk of bacteria in areas with tears or stitches.
  • Soothes inflammation and soreness.
  • Offers mothers the opportunity to wash quickly and easily multiple times a day.
  • Travel Bag , easy storage, fit for everyone, universal and comfortable.
  • No batteries needed, simply fill with cool or warm water
  • Easy to squeeze bidet bottles.
  • Saving the planet without using a lot of toilet paper

Weight: 120g

Tap hole: 3 Holes

Size (With Nozzle): 27.5cm * 6.5cm

Color: White & Green

Capacity: 400ml