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February 15, 2021

To all our parents to be or

congratulations and welcome to parenthood if your baby is already here!

The babymarket can be a jungle if you start to look for baby products! I think every parent already struggled with the variety of products out there and at the end no one knows what is even needed to make a baby satisfied!

Thats why we did our research for you and came up with 3 MUST HAVE products that each parent should know about:


Lets start, 


I'm sure while you did your research of babyproducts a snuggle me or a babynest already crossed your screen, well am I right? 

Also our team figured out, that this is a MUST HAVE for every new parent and their baby. A babynest is super easy to transport from one room to another, your baby feels nicely secured and it's sooooooo cozy for them!

We made sure to get the best option for you and decided for a high quality linen baby nest which is not only super breathable for your little one, it's also anti-allergic, and antibacterial and of course super stylish in your apartment! Another big plus, you are able to wash it in the washing machine, yey!


The Moses baskets are the ideal solution and a great bed for your baby, not only they create a cozy space for your little one to sleep, but they are small enough to fit in your bedroom. The baskets are also easy to transport from room to room and no matter where you are, your baby can sleep by your side and contribute to your peace of mind. We also love the fact, that when you are travelling you can easily take this bed with you for your little one!

Oh and btw the baby nests fit perfectly in the cute moses baskets! :)

No question, one of the most exciting things to do before your little one is with you is to decorate the babyroom! For us a wonderful and dreamy canopy shouldn't be missed above your babies bed! And this kind of canopy grows with your baby, it can also be used and transformed as a tent for your older kid or be hanged above a bigger bed! Wonderful dreams of your little ones are guaranteed.